Employer Information

MediPharmDirect provides Canada’s most progressive healthcare companies with customized permanent search and placement services. Our clients work with us to maintain a strong compliment of healthcare professionals for their facilities so they may deliver top-quality patient and customer care to those they serve.

Our focused business practice allows for a number of efficiencies that are evident throughout the recruitment process, translating into time and money savings for our clients. MediPharmDirect places the following types of healthcare professionals in permanent roles across Canada at Staff and Management levels:

  • Pharmacists
  • Physiotherapists/Occupational Therapists
  • Audiologists/Speech Language Pathologists
  • Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology Technologists

Our consultants work diligently to maintain and build a candidate network comprised of individuals who have the credentials, core competencies, and qualities needed for success in the key skill codes we recruit for.

We specialize in recruiting for positions where candidate scarcity is the norm. Our nationwide talent sourcing practices include both targeting candidates who are actively looking for permanent work within our specializations, and networking with passive candidates who are employed but will consider a move if the right opportunity were to come along.

Why do employers partner with us?
We Attract the Best!
  • Unlike our competitors, we focus exclusively on permanent hiring: We are not a temp/relief staffing agency – we are experienced, professional permanent recruitment consultants. MediPharmDirect’s entire focus is on finding your facility the right person for your permanent healthcare mandate. We place permanent people…PERIOD!
  • Unique candidate network: Candidates have told MediPharmDirect that they decided to register with us specifically because we only recruit for permanent healthcare positions. Candidate research revealed that they received repeated phone calls about irrelevant opportunities from agencies that fill temp, relief and permanent positions, and they were frustrated with their agency experience. MediPharmDirect builds relationships with candidates built on trust, integrity, honesty and relevance. We have access to unique candidates as a result.
  • Better quality candidate database: MediPharmDirect’s network of candidates is comprised of thousands of active and passive job seekers in our specialties. We use a variety of innovative sourcing methods to find and retain our candidates. A candidate database is only useful when the information collected and retained is relevant and up-to-date and we have strict standards in place to ensure that is the case. This allows us to fill permanent mandates accurately and quickly.

Service, Service, Service!

  • Contingency-based recruitment service: MediPharmDirect is confident we will be able to find outstanding candidates for your permanent healthcare mandates. We offer our services strictly on a contingent basis – you receive outstanding service from start-to-finish and only pay a fee when you decide to hire a candidate referred to you by MediPharmDirect.
  • Access to free resources: MediPharmDirect provides employers with complimentary healthcare employment-related research and information (ex. annual salary survey for the positions in our core focus).
  • Dedicated consulting team to serve you: As a MediPharmDirect client, you will partner with a dedicated consulting team who will get to know your organization and your mandate to ensure only the most relevant candidates will be presented to you for consideration.
  • Lots of ways to work with us: Clients of MediPharmDirect work with us in a variety of ways – we are hired as the exclusive recruitment resource for particular recruits, we are used as a compliment to internal recruitment resources, and we are hired as a part of the recruitment strategy which may also involve other outside recruiters. Either way, the service you receive will be second-to-none.

Focused Expertise = Efficiency for Your Organization

  • Experienced permanent recruitment consultants: MediPharmDirect consultants each have many years of industry experience and a track record of success in placing people in permanent positions. Our consultants’ have specific subject matter expertise in our skill codes and manage both sides of the recruit - sales/service and recruitment - to ensure the match between candidate and employer is a solid one that will “work” for the long term.
  • Efficiency: Your MediPharmDirect consultant will ask you focused questions to determine your unique needs. From there, a targeted recruiting plan will be followed to ensure that only the most appropriate candidates will be presented to you. This allows you to save time and money, and focus on the core competencies most relevant to your business.
The MediPharmDirect Employer Service Process
Here is what your dedicated MediPharmDirect consultant will do for you:
  1. Define the parameters of your search - gather details concerning the job, your organization, the team and supervisor the person will work with, and your expectations in terms of must haves and “nice-to-haves”.
  2. Create a recruitment plan (including information pertaining to on-site interviewing at your organization) and timeline – you will receive regular progress reports relating to this plan throughout the recruit.
  3. Source and select healthcare professionals – complete screening, interviewing, assessments and referencing prior to presenting a short-list of candidates to your hiring manager or hiring team.
  4. Present short-listed candidates in a manner that clearly outlines why the person would be a strong fit on many levels; your hiring manager or managers will receive formal profiles for each candidate to refer to.
  5. Coordinate on-site interviewing at your facility and ensure candidates are adequately prepared for their meetings.
  6. Coach hiring managers concerning offer delivery and negotiation and confirm the new hire .
  7. Assist the successful candidate with on-boarding to ensure they are prepared for their first day.
  8. Follow-up diligently post-placement with your new employee and your representative(s) to ensure a successful match has been made.
MediPharmDirect's Recruitment Process

At MediPharmDirect, our goal is to maintain an exceptional level of candidate utilization within our specialized network. As a result, we are very selective as to who we take the time to meet, screen, interview, assess and reference.  The vast majority of the candidates in MediPharmDirect’s network have more than 5 years of experience in their healthcare specialty. Our candidate assessment process is comprehensive and includes an evaluation of the following (determined through pre-screening, interviewing, assessment tools and referencing):

  • Clinical skill sets and core competencies gained through prior work experience
  • Credentials, training or licensing obtained to date
  • Past work environments and past supervisors to assess cultural and supervisor fit
  • Desires in terms of the candidate’s next job, work environment and supervisory style they prefer

Candidate references go beyond the basics – we assess strengths and areas for improvement related to behavioural, clinical and professional execution in the workplace.

Candidates are presented professionally to employers to ensure any questions about the individual’s candidacy can be addressed quickly to keep the process moving. Hiring managers are supplied with detailed candidate profiles for all shortlisted professionals for reference.

Your MediPharmDirect consultant will coordinate all interviews with your hiring team. They will also gather feedback from decision makers about the candidate’s performance during the interview(s) and will address any concerns or continue to move the process forward in concert with your team.

For more information as to how MediPharmDirect can help you find permanent healthcare team members, please email us at:


Or you may also call us directly at (905) 536-0630.